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The driver boards need to have done to work.

Rev 1

Current driver zero offset

Trimmers: RV301, RV302

This adjustment controls the zero offset of the current sense amps. Connect the load to a (current limited) power supply, with a current meter in line. Ensure the current DACs are outputting an all zeros code, then adjust each of the trimmers so that the load is not drawing any current.

External trigger pulse shaper

Trimmers: RV501

Changes the length of external trigger pulses. Connect a signal generator to the external trigger input, and an oscilloscope to TP501. Adjust until the pulse is approximately 50ms in length.

Voltage sense offset

Trimmers: RV601

Controls directly the input voltage offset differential amp, and is used to trim any residual offset in the voltage. Select external voltage sense input with the relay, then short the input sense terminals to each other. Adjust until the voltage ADC reads an all zeros code.