Programmable Load

A DIY programmable load, intended for power supply and battery testing

CPU Board

The thing that runs the show

CPU Board

Peripheral Allocation

If desired, the driver communication interface can use CAN0 instead. It uses the same IO pins as the I²C bus, and requires a CAN transceiver on the board.

CPU Board

DMA Channel Allocations

DMAC should operate with dynamic, round-robin priority arbitration within a DMA priority level. Priority levels listed are from 0 (highest) to 3 (lowest.)

CPU Board


Clock Inputs

All clocks on the system are derived from one of the following clock inputs (oscillators and internal generators:)




Clock Sources

The above clock inputs are then synthesized into multiple clock sources, each used by a different set of peripherals:

Clock Consumers

CPU Board

Hardware Errata

This page lists some issues with CPU board hardware, as they are discovered, and some workarounds.

Rev 1


Front and rear panels


Front Panel

The front panel features a few buttons, indicators, and a rotary encoder.